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Welcome to NSPD's B2B WEBSITE for Pool Professionals.

We are a wholesaler. If you are looking for something for your own pool please refer to our dealer locator to find a pool professional in your area. 

When submitting this dealer request form you will be asking if you would like admin or basic access. Admin access is tied to your account and will allow you to: View your account information, place orders online, view existing orders, view cost and list prices, as well as inventory. Basic access will allow you to: View inventory and LIST pricing ONLY.

You cannot have two users signed up with the same email address (one email per user) however multiple people can be logged in under one user account at one time. You will share a shopping cart etc because you are all using the same user.

If you would like an ADMIN user login, as well as a BASIC login (for summer staff etc) you can fill out this form twice using two different email addresses and two different logins.

You will receive an email conformation upon completing this form acknowledging your submission and another email in one business day with an approval.


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